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Pet Food Products

Listed below are products that are available from Highland Petfood. 

Our products are available Vacuum Packed, fresh, and frozen. Special orders can also be prepared. For more details on any of our products please contact us.  

Cooked roll 2kg

Beef Mince 1kg Vacuum Packed

Beef Mince 2 x 250g tub (New Product)

Roo Mince 1kg Vacuum Packed

Beef Mince 1kg Frozen (preservative free)

Roo Mince 1kg frozen (preservative free)

Roo Chunks 1kg Frozen (preservative free)

Chicken Mince 1kg Frozen

Beef Mince 5kg Frozen

Lean Racing Mince 5kg Frozen (beef trim , roo)

Chicken necks 1kg


Roo Tails 10kg frozen / 2kg packs available containing smaller portions

Cooked roll 2kg

Roo Shoulders 2kg frozen

Beef Shank (halved to present marrow)